Real Estate Leads for Closers ☕

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Our technology stack routes leads within seconds not days. When notified of a new lead, you can confidently respond knowing the inquiry is fresh.



Leads you receive were not sold to other subscribers nor will they subsequently be sold to other subscribers. They are yours exclusively to pursue.



We do not buy lists. Buyers and sellers initiate contact early in the real estate process and are expecting to hear from an agent.



Our technology stack allows you to preview leads before you buy giving you confidence the contact information is legit.

"So far the info provided has been legitimate."


"I am completely satisfied with Realty Baron leads that I have bid on and received the information for. I have made contact and the prospect has responded which is the ultimate goal for an lead generation partnership. The rest is up to me. Candice Hudson"

-- Candice Hudson

"Yes, doing a great job!"

-- Carl Gresen

"Awesome lead system! Fast responses to purchases, inquiries and requests."

-- Michelle Stanifer

"Thank you Realty Baron. We appreciate the referrals that you send to us. Our team will continue to work each referral to the best of our ability. Thank you again for your outstanding work."

-- Ryan O'Neill

"I have always found the leads from Realty Baron to be motivated consumers looking for guidance. "

-- Michael Giles

"This was my first lead. So far so good. Looking forward to more leads. thanks Dale Hudson"

-- Dale Hudson

"so far the service has been good."


"Thank you for this opportunity to work with my you. My referral was very responsive to our listing meeting. I look forward to doing more business with you on the Outer Banks, NC."

-- dawn stultz

"Keep the referrals coming!"

-- Candace Breen

"This leads appears valid. Hopefully I can close the deal."


"The leads have been legit and valid info."


"Very good lead."

-- Candace Breen

"I got two listing appointments in one week! I would say that is Awesome!"

-- Kevin Rayan

"Great setup so far. Seems very easy to use system once you get familiar with it."

-- Len McGuirk

"Realty Baron does a very nice job working with fellow agents and brokers. I would highly recommend them."

-- Ryan O'Neill

"So far they have been a decent lead source and though no lead source is 100%, their reliability is much higher than most. I have found most buyers typically are taking longer than stated to buy but they are true leads."


"This lead has no response but overall RealtyBaron has proven to provide legitimate valid leads."


"Love this service. Two closings with Realty Baron! "

-- Candace Breen

"The key to working for online leads is speed. Realty Baron had me in contact with their lead very quickly from the time he came into the system."

-- Michael Fujita

"Good Website, easy to navigate and understand"

-- Cindi Shutt


-- Carl Gresen

"Listed his house! Send me more!"

-- Candace Breen

"So far, so good."


"Love, love, love Realty Baron! Keeping me busy this winter!"

-- Michelle Stanifer

"So far the service seems good. It usually takes 7-10 communications before you get a response. being vigilent is important. It is too soon to say if they will pan out but the information provided appears to be valid. I have no complaints."


"Great service 99% of the time the info on the leads are good. Got some interested people also"

-- Norman Adams

"All the info was good made contact with here. Great service."

-- Norman Adams

"Keep the leads coming!"

-- Candace Breen

"Very good lead, client was interested in speaking with me. "

-- Brad Miklovich